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    Electrogalvanized Steel

    ZINCGRIP? ELECTRASMOOTH? Steel is an electrogalvanized steel offering exceptional surface quality, corrosion resistance, excellent formability and paintability. These attributes make ZINCGRIP ELECTRASMOOTH Steel desirable for exposed applications including automotive exterior panels. Pure zinc coatings applied to cold rolled steel deliver both galvanic and barrier protection against corrosion. Even when damaged, such coatings continue to shield the base metal by corroding preferentially to the steel substrate. ZINCGRIP ELECTRASMOOTH Steel is available in a wide variety of base metal grades and coating weights.

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    Product Applications

    Available Grades

    Commercial Steel (CS)

    Drawing Steel (DS)

    Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS, EDDS+)

    Dent Resistant (DR)

    Bake Hardenable (BH)

    Product Details

    Product Features


    The zinc coating protects the base metal by providing a barrier to corrosive elements and through the sacrificial nature of the coating. Ultimate service life depends on coating thickness and the severity of the environment.


    A uniform appearance suitable for the most demanding surface critical applications.


    Can be used to produce parts containing simple bends to parts with deep drawing requirements.


    Is readily paintable provided proper pretreatment is performed.


    Can be joined using a variety of accepted welding practices.


    ZINCGRIP ELECTRASMOOTH Steel is produced by the GRAVITEL process. Vertical electroplating cells are used to apply zinc to the steel substrate. The continuous process consists of surface preparation, plating, and oiling. Surface preparation is essential to assure good coating adhesion and consists of spray alkaline cleaning, brushing, electrolytic alkaline cleaning, and sulfuric acid surface activation. In the plating section, an electrical current is passed through the strip which is immersed in an aqueous solution containing zinc ions. As a result, the zinc is uniformly deposited onto the steel substrate. The thickness of the deposit is constantly monitored by an in-line, x-ray coating weight gauge. After plating, a uniform application of rust preventative oil or pre-lubricant is electrostatically deposited on the strip.

    Surface Coating Characteristics, Protection, and Lubrication

    The electrogalvanized coating is 99.99% pure zinc and is available in a variety of coating weights. Due to the nature of the electrogalvanizing process, the zinc coating is uniformly applied throughout the coil. ZINCGRIP ELECTRASMOOTH Steels can be specified in a wide range of coating weight categories. To prevent staining in transit, it is recommended that ZINCGRIP ELECTRASMOOTH Steel be supplied with rust preventative oil. A pre-lubricant is also available.

    Formability and Mechanical Properties


    Commercial Steel (CS Type B) should be used for moderate forming or bending applications. Commercial Steel products are produced from aluminum-killed, continuously cast slabs and, unless otherwise specified, have a carbon content of less than 0.15%. To prevent the occurrence of fluting or stretcher strains during forming, Commercial Steel products are temper rolled as a normal step in the mill processing.


    For more stringent forming applications, Drawing Steel (DS Type B), should be ordered. Drawing Steel has a controlled carbon content less than 0.06% and parts formed from DS Type B steel should not exhibit stretcher strain.


    Extra Deep Drawing Steel or Extra Deep Drawing Steel Plus (EDDS+) should be ordered for the most demanding forming applications. These steels, also known as Interstitial Free (I-F) steels, are produced from vacuum degassed less than 0.010%C, titanium stabilized grades. EDDS+ has the lowest carbon content available and has been specially formulated to be our most ductile product.


    Bake Hardenable (BH) or Dent Resistant (DR) can be specified for applications that require dent resistance after forming and painting. For high strength or structural applications, BH and DR are available in yield strengths up to 50 ksi (345 MPa).

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