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    Enameled Carbon Steel

    We manufacture three enameled products to meet a variety of porcelain enameling and formability requirements: UNIVIT?, VIT-PLUS?, and I-F Enameling Steel. These products are manufactured specifically for use in appliances, plumbingware, barbecue grills, architectural panels, and other industries. They can be provided with different surface finishes depending on customer specifications or part requirements.

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    Product Applications

    Available Grades

    Commercial Steel (CS)

    Drawing Steel (DS)

    Product Details

    Surface Finish, Protection, and Lubrication

    Enameling steels are manufactured with matte finishes obtained by rolling with specially roughened rolls on the cold mill and the temper mill. Different finishes can be provided to maintain effective lubrication during metal forming or to satisfy specific part/customer specifications. To prevent staining in transit, it is recommended that enameling steel be supplied with rust preventative oil.

    Formability and Mechanical Properties

    The formability of all steel products is a result of the interaction of many variables. These variables include: the mechanical properties of the steel, the forming system (tooling) used to manufacture parts, and the lubrication used during forming. Of these three, we can directly affect the mechanical properties of the steel.


    Is a production option for both UNIVIT and VIT-PLUS steels to provide maximum formability and can be supplied for moderate forming or bending applications.


    Should be ordered for more stringent forming applications, I-F Enameling Steel should be ordered for the most difficult-to-form parts. Spin forming and related fabrication techniques may affect the void structure of the enameling steel product which could compromise the fish scale resistance. This should be considered when evaluating this fabrication technique.

    Joining Systems

    Porcelain enameling steels can be readily joined using a variety of joining processes, such as resistance welding, low heat input arc welding, laser welding, and mechanical fastening. Resistance spot, seam, and projection welding are commonly used for joining enameling steels due to the high production rate and low, per weld cost characteristics of this group of processes. The effects of each of these on subsequent porcelain enameling operations must be thoroughly evaluated by the end user for each specific application. A material’s physical and electrical properties directly affect welding processes. Therefore, welding parameters may need adjustment when changing grade of enameling steel, surface finish, or lubricant/oil.


    UNIVIT is a specialty enameling steel developed for applications where direct-on cover coat enameling is employed. It is equally well suited for those applications using ground coat, ground coat+cover coat, and two coat-one fire porcelain enameling systems. This product is free of porcelain enamel fish scale regardless of the enameling system employed. UNIVIT is described in ASTM A424 Type I.


    VIT-PLUS is a controlled chemistry, non-decarburized steel. It has good strength-after-fire properties. It is well suited for ground coat, ground coat+cover coat, and some two coat-one fire enameling systems. It is not recommended for direct-on cover coat porcelain enamel applications. Like the UNIVIT product, VIT PLUS is free of porcelain enamel fish scale regardless of the enameling system employed. VIT-PLUS is described in ASTM A424 Type II.

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