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    Innovative Steel Products & Ideas

    Focus on Innovation

    Our Research and Innovation Center expands our capabilities to bring new steel products to the marketplace. These products include next-generation advanced high strength carbon and specialty steels to help automotive customers design lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles that maintain superior strength and safety performance; electrical steels that will enable the nation's electricity grid to become more energy-efficient and improve performance in motors for hybrid and electric vehicles; and new stainless steels that offer superior corrosion resistance for a wide variety of applications.

    Focus on Customers

    In addition to developing new products to surpass the needs of our customers today and for the future, the Research and Innovation Center was designed to provide opportunities for joint development projects with our customers. The facility will also be used for Carbon and Stainless Technical Symposia which are scheduled multiple times throughout the year. Each symposium provides customers with the opportunity to learn about the steelmaking process, carbon or stainless products and applications, and various technical workshops focused on topics such as formability, corrosion, welding and other areas to help customers make steel work better.

    Focus on Collaboration

    When designing the Research and Innovation Center, one clear objective was collaboration. There are over 20 collaborative spaces designed specifically to encourage interaction among employees, customers and suppliers. With a culture focused on both innovation and collaboration, new products and processes can be developed more efficiently and launched faster.

    Focus on Steel Products

    Many of our products are showcased within the Research and Innovation Center. The exterior panels are CHROMESHIELD? 22 stainless steel with a GREYSTONE? MATTE architectural finish. Aluminized 409 stainless steel is used on the roof. Agion antimicrobial coated steel ductwork is visible throughout the office area.

    $36 Million Investment at New Research and Innovation Center

    On April 7, 2017 AK Steel celebrated the grand opening of its new world-class Research and Innovation Center in Middletown, Ohio. The event marked the formal opening of the new $36 million, 135,000 square foot facility, built on 16-acres near AK Steel's Middletown Works and its West Chester, Ohio corporate headquarters.

    "We are incredibly proud to open this state-of-the-art facility as part of our focus on driving leading edge products and processes as an innovator in the carbon, stainless and electrical steels," said Roger K. Newport, Chief Executive Officer of AK Steel. "This new Research and Innovation Center is an important part of our strategy to ensure we are well positioned to surpass the needs of our customers today and for the future."

    Research and Innovation Center

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